Lisa Renee's March Channeling: Excerpts and Commentary

Thanks to Steve Beckow.

Once again I find Lisa Renee’s March message valuable. It reminds me of a remark my friend Scott made two days ago: that both worlds are getting stronger, the old, polarized world of greed and destruction, and the emerging world of sharing, love and unity consciousness.

Lisa’s language tends to be so unusual that I find myself skipping through it to the places where I can relate to what she’s saying. So too, here. I present excerpts from her newsletter, with the parts that really spoke to me in red, and my comments in blue. It’s still too long, but I didn’t want to compress further.

. . . Since mid February we have had massive sound waves at a vertical and horizontal axis collide and create an incredible impact on the planetary magnetic field. Not only are these Stellar Activations occurring in preparation for another Mid March shifting of consciousness . . .

Mid-March, March 13, to be precise, when revolutionary, lightning-like Uranus goes into Aries, first sign of the zodiac, where everything begins. Uranus will be zapping us with initiation after initiation for the next seven years. (And, BTW, this is within days of entry into another step-up of the Mayan Calendar acceleration.)

Expansive Jupiter entered Aries on January 23, only two days prior to the Egyptian revolution. Jupiter will ground out into Taurus on June 5 (thank the god/goddess!). So, the next three months are guaranteed to be extraordinarily intense and popping. Astonishing, unpredicted events will flash in so thick and fast that there will be no way to keep track.

. . . we are also in an incredibly heavy period of geo magnetic change from an onslaught of solar storms. Activations galore have had our bodies nervous system “offline” . . . or recalibrating many times daily. . .

We are entering the time cycle where the Mother Arc is restoring nourishment to our bodies, and the life force contained in these frequencies are akin to feeding the starving people of the Earth. These are the “optimum frequency” sets that nourish the Soul . . . The first waves of us “starving people” on the planet that will actually sense and feel these supportive frequencies . . . are the Starseed, Indigo and True Lightbearer. We have been working on the new unity architecture pattern . . . as a foundation to hold these new bodies on the Ascension Timeline. Many of us are starting to not only feel the difference but see the new Krystal bodies forming. We are still “here” in this reality but not stapled on the 3D mind control architecture any longer. It’s a surreal sensation. . . .

We have been undergoing extensive upgrades since December . . . everything exists as a specific frequency signature . . .

As much as these massive activations of neutral field frequency sets will begin to feel glorious to a connected, soul infused human being, (who has done their clearing work) it will feel entirely the opposite to the disconnected person living in a dense mentally controlled physical body. The disconnected person will feel their reality is completely disintegrating from their perceived control and it will be incredibly disturbing to a rigid or dogmatic mind. This mental weakness will accelerate energy blocks and result in disease patterns.

Yes, “clearing work.” Whatever yucky, mucousy, old stuck memories still fester with anger, jealousy, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, or other bad feelings must be acknowledged, fully felt, and released, one by one by one, until done — if we wish to serve as clear channels for the light.

This is one reason why we are seeing more mental imbalances and psychosis growing in the masses, such as mental trauma breakdowns, social pathologies, inability to cope and just plain destructive behavior. . . This kind of overload stimulus to a rigid mind/brain can potentially blow circuits. (This is why resting, meditating, . . . and keeping the body relaxed and still is very important at this time. Your body will demand it, so just relax.) The more we are reliant on our 3D conscious mind and its various programs of belief, (the more we are disconnected from our inner spirit and core essence) the harder it is to cope in this dismantling reality. This is why applying discipline to your egoic mind is absolutely mandatory in order to achieve freedom from this terrain of accelerated mind control that is increasing displays of insanity in the public. Without this firm footing of self directed inner clarity the coming months will become increasingly unbearable.

The Ego mind not only starves the soul, it breaks our heart and leaves our body in a numb and dissociative state of trauma. The only antidote to this ego state of coping paralysis is being willing to forgive and open our direct Soul connection by learning to feel our life experiences through our healed heart complex. Sharing and giving unconditional love from your Heart and Soul is the most potent healer. You cannot heal what you cannot feel.

The 3D ego mind is an intelligence field that depends explicitly on the external environment for its sense of identity and its need to secure its position by creating judgments of what is “right” and “wrong”. Living solely from the impulses directed by the external 3D mental body (and its timeline) is like being a fly that is glued to flypaper. As long as you are stuck on that 3D flypaper (controllers mind control frequency fence) you are tormented by the collective thought forms that lead you to believe that they are in control of your value and your life existence. . .

If the ego cannot prove its existence with some fuzzy logic of what defines “right or wrong” – or what is “superior” or “inferior” — it will self create huge amounts of anxiety. That anxiety will be relieved once the mind latches on to some dogma of belief to explain its existence in a polarity thoughtform. Because people experience relief from their perception of belief, they will fight tooth and nail to protect their belief . . . The result is mind locks created through rigid beliefs that block sensory feelings and the Soul from connecting to the physical body.

Without mastery over the egos polarity thoughtforms, we become a machine, a human race of disconnected automatons. Those automatons have built the social and economic structures into the masses in order to reinforce this mass psychosis of belief around these polarity thoughtforms. The structure has become self policing and enforcing of the controller agenda.

I started going to UFO conferences because I wanted to blow my own dogmatic mind. Given my rigid, German upbringing, a myopic academic background, and a strong, egocentric desire to “figure things out,” — I knew I had to blast through my own fundamentalism if I wanted to continue to evolve. When at these conferences I encounter polarized views, opposing opinions, contradictory attitudes; and rather than try to “believe” one side or the other, I aim to open to embrace both sides of any equation; indeed, to breathe in the all and everything in a heart-centered awareness of oneness . . .

This is why we have so many more “polarized” communities, political or social ideologies and religious schools of thought surfacing to assert their positions of “truth” in the environment. Everyone is clanging for their mental ideologies. These are desperate attempts to quell the surging amounts of fear and anxiety that are experienced from being “disconnected”. Anything claiming an “absolute” truth stemming from the negative ego judgment is finite and illusory. The ego mind cannot connect to God Source or Spirit. One cannot know God through the polarized ego mind no matter how impressive the science or schematics appear. Only the heart can feel the subtle messages of the God-Spirit connection in sensory and feeling awareness. . . .

You will know you are in ego mind when you have succumbed to a superior or inferior thought process. When you experience a thoughtform which has a need to assign a label of “bad or good”, it is in polarity, therefore disconnected from God Source. Polarity and Unity do not co-exist as thoughtforms, one is a False reality, while the latter is Real. We are currently living in a false finite reality within a damaged polarity matrix. It is just one reality of many. To access God Forces, master ego polarity thoughtforms by setting them to neutral association and giving the desire to know God with every drop of your heart’s devotion.

. . . We are the Changing of the Guard. We are beginning to direct the mind controlled lower reality to an alternate pathway of the freed heart higher reality. These two realities are existing side by side but as the frequency split occur, they become incongruent harmonically, which means the lower density of 3 D reality cannot merge with the higher octave system. Which means that those liberated from mind control become freed of the entanglement of its energetic cause and effect, and its karmic superimposition on others. For many of us tired Gridworkers its means the “karmic exhaust” continually generated from the 3D lower reality matrix will not feed on your light field once you align to the new architecture. What that feels like is being here and not being here, living in a protective bubble that directs you to the most harmonic and synchronistic alignment for your Spirit.

Some of us are prototyping this Unity architecture and are living this experience now. No judgment, no decision, no fear, no choice, as its all leading to the One expression of your connection perfectly aligned in the now moment.

So let’s go! Time for blast-off. By clearing all the old gunk out of our systems, we open more and more and more — to embrace the infinitely abundant energy of love and light that supports and fuels us without ceasing, and that, by March 13, will kick the emergence/emergency into overdrive.


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