2011 UFO Congress: Who Participates, Part 2: THE EXPERIENCERS

I opened the door and slipped in, late, to a room arranged into two concentric circles of chairs. People were sitting in hushed silence, listening to a young woman tell her story. This was my first “experiencers” session with Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist who has regressed hundreds of people who have been “abducted” or have had encounters with “aliens.” In her usual gentle manner, Barbara holds the space for a number of these sessions after hours during every UFO Congress. Since I am not an “experiencer” (at least to my knowledge I have no “up close and personal” experience with an offplanet being), I didn’t realize that I could attend. But others who were not experiencers told me they had attended. So I decided to go.

I had not expected 100 people. Somehow I had imagined a bedraggled group of maybe ten or fifteen folks, all with long greasy hair and slumped shoulders, sitting around in a tight little huddle telling scary stories and comforting each other.

That is not what was going on in that room.

I quickly found a seat on the floor in front of the first row and turned to face the speaker, a young woman who, in strong clear tones, was talking about her ongoing encounters with ETs, who, as I recall, were teaching her things she couldn’t find out about here. At one point she even broke into a different language, with quick, decisive hand movements, that sent chills up my spine. She spoke the language confidently and fluently, though, she said, she had no idea what any of it meant.

Oddly, I can’t remember much more about what she said; and that seems to be true of many of the stories I heard. They are just so strange; perhaps I can’t remember them unless I have ready-made mental slots to put them in?

(This reminds me of another story from the experiencers group. A man, maybe in his late 30s, an outdoor leadership instructor, had been camping with his girlfriend in the mountains. They had some kind of encounter in the middle of the night which terrified both of them, and which, he said, they simply did not remember the next morning! (He remembered only much later).

In any case, the young woman went on for quite a while, and was, clearly, fearless and forthright.

When she was finished Barbara, in her usual kind, quiet voice, asked if anyone wanted to either ask a question or comment. The question of fear came up; about how this young woman didn’t seem at all afraid, whereas some of the people in the room were afraid, had been afraid, and didn’t like their memories. A discussion of the actual physiological reaction of “fear” commenced; one man, clearly also quite unafraid, and with many years of ET contact under his belt, said that when one shifts from this 3-D reality to one which holds the extraterrestrial presence, there is a moment which feels like jumping off a cliff. That it’s easy to feel anxious then.

Then this man said something that really stuck with me: “Anxiety feels very much like excitement.” And that if we interpret the physiological response as excitement we can easily open to the experience; whereas, if we interpret it as anxiety, our body will automatically close down. If we open, the shift won’t feel so jarring; and if we try to close up in tension, then if we are compelled to shift anyway, we might experience the change of state as horribly disorienting and to be avoided, if at all possible.

Another woman raised her hand. I’d seen her before. Late middle aged, she sat in a wheel chair and told us how she lived alone and that ETs were her only companions! She seemed happy to be sharing this fact with us, since no doubt, she can’t share it with others in the town where she lives. Hers was the only case where I really did wonder if she was making it all up. It would be so easy to imagine ETs as companions if one felt lonely and no one else was there. I kept my doubts to myself; and noticed how others were very welcoming to her.

One woman, a presenter at the Congress last year — she has had many experiences with both ETs and military abductions and has written on the subject — often commented on others’ experiences, clarifying questions they might have, or reassuring them, or helping them interpret their experiences in ways they could understand.

A very beautiful young woman, her face set in lines of sorrow, spoke up. She wondered who else in the room had been impregnated by aliens, and had they met their hybrid babies, and did they know where they were?

A moment of truth. At first, stunned silence. Then ten people, looking around the room, shyly raised their hands.

I must admit that if this had been my first experience with the concept of “hybrid babies” I would have scoffed and left the room. But back in the 1990s, when I was publishing the magazine Crone Chronicles, we had published a story about a woman who claimed to have been impregnated by “aliens” on their ships, and to have had the fetuses taken within the first trimester. This woman had said that others in her immediate family, mother, grandmother, aunts had also been subjects of these experiments, which in some way, seemed to be connected, not just to ETs, but to the U.S. Military. At one point, she spoke of being chased by a huge black helicopter.

Back then, had I not had the utmost respect for this woman, I would not have published her story. Though it was compelling, it clearly pushed my edge.

So here was another of these women who had been used in what seemed to be an ET hybridization program. She claimed to have had eight pregnancies, with eight living hybrid children, only two of whom (as I recall) she had met. And she had no idea where any of them were. The doctors tell her that her reproductive system has been ruined. She can have no earthly children. She is clearly in grief.

The woman I mentioned earlier, who had been helping others understand their experiences, said that she also had hybrid babies, that she had met two of them, and that they lived on the ships.

Perhaps, dear reader, I’ve pushed your edge here, or perhaps I’m just confirming what you’ve already known about yourself, either that you’re a contactee, an experiencer, or perhaps even with experience as a human mother of an ET child. One man at the conference, an experiencer himself, gave me the name of a website where there are a number of these experiences recounted.

And, just so you know, the late John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, regressed a number of abductees and was stunned when he came to the conclusion that they were not imagining things, that they were not insane, that they were telling the truth.

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  1. John Mack was one of the few people who not only saw what was happening to abductees, but really appreciated its significance and drew attention to the spiritual transformations of the abductees, and the changes in the nature of the “contact” experience from a negative one to a positive and even transcendent one.

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