2011 UFO Congress gains media attention: Leslie Kean interviewed

In this news clip, which I found in today’s news feed at openminds.tv, Leslie Kean, author of UFO: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record, and one of the presenters at the UFO Congress, is interviewed. However, as you’ll see here, the interviewer uses phrases that suggest ridicule, e.g. “fans and fanatics,” which forced Leslie to say that she finds the idea that some people talk with aliens, or are abducted by aliens, or are part alien themselves “difficult” for her, since these ways of talking increase the public and governmental ridicule.

In this clip, Leslie’s says her goal is to nudge the U.S. Government to join other nation states [e.g. New Zealand, France, Britain, which are now releasing their files] and agree to officially and formally investigate UFO phenomena seriously.

Actually, in her talk, Leslie says she is determined to get the U.S. government to admit that it has been studying UFO phenomena for 60 years, that it takes it very, very seriously, and that some of it is “compelling.”


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