2011 UFO Congress: Even More on that Dome of the Rock UFO

Just to illustrate how tricky things are in the UFO field, one of the most recently celebrated UFO sightings — the February 2, 2011 light above Jerusalem’s holiest site, the Dome of the Rock, that dropped straight down to hover just above the Rock, flash brilliantly, then shoot back up — was it real, or not?

I don’t get strong intuitive hits that often, but I did get one on this sighting. To me it was a hoax, as I said in my post on February 19th, and used this sighting as an example of the swirl of info and disinfo that envelops ufology. It’s so difficult to get a clear grasp of things, so difficult to firm things up once and for all. In fact, it’s impossible. At least so far. Or maybe we’re relying on three-dimensional reality claims when we need to think and feel and be more multidimensionally.

In 3-D logic, we’re used to being able to say, “well if X is so, then so is Y.” In other words, we use one bit of info as a cornerstone on which to build our edifice of certainty. But where are the cornerstones? And do we really need them? Well, someone might counter, if we don’t have them, how will we know what’s “real”? And how will we communicate? How will we tell if one person’s reality is corroborated by another’s? Well, as they’ve shown in courts of law, witnesses seldom see and relate the same thing. And quantum physics has shown that the very act of observation changes what is being observed.

At the UFO Congress, my friend Joan Bird told me that she had gone to the film of famous Mexican UFO investigator Jaime Maussan that was put on during one of the noon breaks. She told me that he said that it was for sure a real sighting, and moreover, that it was very important. (I had told her earlier that my intuition told me it was fake.)


Notice that Jaime talks about “proof,” as if there is such a thing, as if once “proof” is established, nothing can ever shake it. That cornerstone rock of immutability again. I’m sure Newton and his followers said the same thing — until Einstein came along.

After the Congress was over, Joan stayed an extra night. Here is part of what she related about the dinner conversation there, which, as usual, was mind-blowing. (No matter who you meet there, they are always interesting people, with a lot to convey, whether true or not!)

“We had quite the group at dinner Sunday night in the casino. Jeff and I ran into the woman who does dolphin healing from Mississippi, and it turns out she has a good friend whom I had just met in the business room typing out airline boarding passes and shuttle confirmations, so we all decided to eat together. This woman had befriended a UFO researcher from Tel Aviv, a mathematics professor who believes the UFO over the Dome of the Rock is a fraud. He says the timing of the hovering over the Dome is different in the different videos, the cars aren’t moving in the videos, the bright flash somehow did something it shouldn’t have according to the photo analysis. Hmmm. Found myself very resistant to hearing this. Still not sure.”

Par for the course!

At one point, while discussing another puzzling phenomenon, Joan and I agreed that it may be that whatever we believe, if we believe it strongly enough, it does come into being — so that there are many realities, all swirling around.

Perhaps the new agers are right; we do create our own realities, at least those aspects of “reality” of which we are conscious. But what about all the rest? If what we consciously believe is the tip of the iceberg, then what about the hulking mountain of ice below? I’d say that it is here, in the realm of the unconscious, that most of our so-called immutabilities — both individual and collective — are found. And they are immutable, until we become conscious of them, at which point, pfffft, we can dissolve them in a heartbeat. This is transformation: to make the unconscious conscious.

BTW: I’m going to be posting Joan’s remarkable series of write-ups on the 2010 UFO Congress presentations soon on this site. They are priceless. She’s now writing a book on UFO sightings in Montana that will hopefully be out sometime this summer.

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  1. Ann,

    Great coverage of the UFO Conference!

    Thanks for moving things forward a huge amount with your reportage and analysis.

    I added myself to your daily digest.


    Steve Beckow

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