2011 UFO Congress: Travis Walton's strange claim

If you haven’t heard about Travis Walton (www.travis-walton.com/), and his 1975 experience in a remote Arizona forest, you might want to look into it. Some say it’s the best documented and most famous “abduction” case ever recorded.

Travis spoke at this Congress, and also at last year’s Congress, and apparently, in years prior to that as well. As a friend of mine there, Joan Bird, pointed out, each time he speaks new details come out. She noted that this year he did not mention a detail from last year: that he thought he had been “taken up” because the initial blast from the spacecraft had thrown him to the ground, and he thought the ETs were wanting to help him. Joan is right, without this detail, his whole story sounds scary.

I notice also that the ET face on his official website is “scary,” and no doubt he was scared. Anything that far out of our ordinary experience does tend to fill us with anxiety. However, as another person who has had “contact” for many years with different species of ETs said, during a session with other “experiencers” led by long-time abduction researcher Barbara Lamb (www.barbaralambmft.com) at the Congress, “excitement and anxiety feel very similar.” This man, for one, choses to interpret his feeling as excitement rather than anxiety. This allows him to open to the experience, rather than close down in fear.

Many presentations focus on space craft, their occupants, and earthlings who encounter them. Apparently, there’s still so much disbelief that we still need to “prove” that “they” are here, in 3-D, just like us!

Be that as it may. As someone who feels myself to be not just three-dimensional but multidimensional, the focus on technology and proof is not the aspect of these congresses that interest me most.

In the case of Travis Walton, however, I want to call attention to something that he tossed out at the end of his presentation, because it might very well interest permaculturists. Here it is:

Walton said that when he went back to the site, in 1992, he discovered that the trees in the area where the craft had hovered had grown much more rapidly, “producing wood fiber and 36x the rate of the previous 100 years.” So, from 1975 through 1992, an enormously accelerated rate of growth. What does this mean? What kind of natural law does this imply that we are not aware of, or that the craft brought with it from another world, another dimension?

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