Concerning That Spectacular UFO Over Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock . . .

Sitting at lunch yesterday with founder Keith Johnson and two others (we were meeting to discuss 2011 Transition Bloomington initiatives), Keith mentioned the bright light in the night that supposedly appeared over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, then descended to hover just above that ultimate site of religious significance, and then flared out brilliantly before shooting straight up and disappearing.

I told him I thought it was a hoax. That I had viewed several of the videos, and it just seemed like too much of a made-in-Hollywood moment during the Egyptian protest drama that preceded Mubarek’s fall from power.

Like anyone who looks at video after video of fuzzy lights in the night or seemingly metallic craft during the day, usually captured with jerky, hand-held cameras, I’m somewhat jaded as to what is real, what not.

And even when “real,” what is it? What we think of as a craft from sky visitors may well be some experimental craft of the U.S. military — and yet — to twist the meaning further into incredulity — from what I’ve researched, that in turn could well have been back-engineered from crashed UFOs . . .

Equally likely or unlikely, any particular sky phenomenon could be holographic in nature, put there, again by some secret branch of the increasingly corporatized military, to make us think it was a UFO. Why? To instigate, once again, more of that dreaded boo-boo, fear (as if we were puppets on strings, jerked this way and that by our emotions . . . and, unfortunately, many of us still are! But more and more I see us cutting away at those strings, beginning to move according to our own inner directives).

Or, it might have been put in the sky (either a craft, back-engineered or not, made on earth, or a hologram) to make us “believe,” and then, when debunked, to ridicule ufology all together.

Or, yet again, “UFO” holograms could be construed as gradual preparation for some kind of spectacular but holographic Hollywood type “landing” that is again, done by that same secret top-down group. Why? Well, communism is passe. Terrorism is running out of steam. The asteroid threat hasn’t gained traction. So what’s next? Aliens!

We need to prepare to defend ourselves from aliens! See Carol Rosin’s testimony on what Werner von Braun told her about this planned sequence on the Disclosure Project: one threat after another conjured to bring us into compliance so that we continue to mindlessly fund the rapacious, endless-war addiction of the U.S. military into the “Full Threat Dominance” of the militarization of space (not to mention Earth: did you know that there are over 700 U.S. military bases, not on U.S. soil, world-wide? And these are just the ones we know about. Even ignoring all the deliberate death, as well as death and destruction from “collateral damage,” just imagine how much of what’s left of Earth’s precious non-renewable resources this dark dark industry consumes every single day!]

So, as I said, I’m a bit jaded when it comes to the origin of the phenomena captured in any particular video, no matter how well-meaning.

But then, another synchronicity!

On the very day that I told Keith I didn’t think the Dome of the Rock phenomenon was “real,” I got an email from a good friend of mine, Joan Bird, who, like me, is fascinated by ufology and the subculture that surrounds it, and multiple dimensions, and ETs, and so on (she will again be my roommate at next week’s 2011 International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona). Joan is a very cautious thinker, so I take what she says seriously. She sent this email to her UFO list:

“Hope these links work. There are a number of sites carrying information and links to the different videos of this event. The more I read, the more convinced I am this was not a hoax. Though the second headline seems to be dismissive, when you open the link, there is actually a pretty good discussion of viewpoints of believers and skekptics, ending with some footage from a weather com that seems to corroborate the ball of light over the Dome of the Rock, taken by an automatic camera that takes pictures every 10 minutes of the same place.”

[I can’t seem to get the links to work. But here they are.]


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