FIRE IN THE GLOBAL HEART: Jupiter in Aries now, joined by Uranus in Aries soon: both square Pluto in Capricorn

Following on the heels of dictator Mubarek’s fall from power in Egypt last Friday, this week, leading up to today’s Full Moon, we hear of eruptions in Yemen, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, and Yemen — so far.

In the U.S., Wisconsin leads the way. (So proud to know that my paternal line is from there. “On Wisconsin!”)

On the heels of this morning’s Full Moon that featured a strong and rare Mars/Chiron/Neptune/Sun conjunction on the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius (Moon, in a nation’s chart, signifies the public, the people), watch this joyous musical celebration in the Madison courthouse, as firefighters (not a union due to be cut) flow into the capitol building while playing their bagpipes in solidarity:

Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin — a crackling, windswept wildfire, a fire in the heart, and spreading: Jupiter, followed by Uranus in Aries, “square” Pluto in Capricorn.

Expansive Jupiter went into impulsive, courageous, revolutionary Aries on January 23, only two days prior to the eruption in Egypt that brought down the Mubarek monarchy only 18 days later.

And now, revolutionary energy springs up in Wisconsin, the heartland of America, with Ohio and Michigan also purportedly catching fire, and demonstrations called for on Monday here in Indiana.

Jupiter in Aries: the individual, standing on his own, beginning now to consciously, deliberately protest and ultimately take down the Capricorn status quo structures of plutocratic Pluto in status-quo Capricorn. Since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn where it will remain until 2023, the hidden financial and political power structures have intensified their rapacious corporatization of the entire globe.

And, with both Jupiter and Uranus in watery, sensitive, escapist Pisces, we felt powerless, victimized. But we did learn to feel each other during that Pisces sojourn. We learned to feel with the Indonesians during that devastating tsunami, with the people of Haiti during their horrific earthquake, with the poisoning of water, soil, people, animals, fish and plant life in the Gulf of Mexico, and with the Australians during their stunning, prolonged floods. A deep part of us now vibrates in a Piscean manner: that we are each drops in an ocean of consciousness, one people, one heart, one planet.

Now with Jupiter in Aries, each of us lighting our own little match lit in this dark dark night — and finding each other.

And all this heart-stopping excitement is mere prelude to when the revolutionary, unpredictable, lightning-like strikes of Uranus slam enter Aries, on March 13, to remain there for seven years, until 2018.

(And here I’m just speaking of the planetary dynamics in our local system, our tiny, local solar system. All this is amplified in unknown ways by the many Mayan cycles, from enormously large to very small, accelerating time and the rat-tat-tat shock of events, and due to converge either on October 28 2011 or December 21, 2012.)

The first four years of Uranus in Aries are critical. The fires of revolutionary, individualistic, inventive fervor will directly challenge, via a 90° “square” aspect, Pluto in early Capricorn. Whatever must be torn apart in order to regenerate itself will be done between now and 2015, when the two planets begin to move out of square alignment.

This is the “opening square” between Uranus and Pluto that we have been waiting for, ever since the late 1960s, when these two planets conjuncted each other for the first time since the Civil War.

We will change the world.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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  1. maggie says:

    Was reading (again) your Fire in the Global Heart, trying to bring it down into my little world here in the blueberry patch .. have noticed it to be a time of much sensitivity … tears of gratitude, joy, sorrow and something more (?) .. all mingled together just popping up with almost no provocation; thought it was just me but have heard from others who are experiencing the same thing; felt this is part of the whole shift. Is this your reading?


    • Yes, gratitude, joy and sorrow relate to Uranus in Pisces, which then changes to Aries, all fire-poppin’ action on March 13 (some say March 11). Then, glad to know that Neptune will soon enter Pisces, so more, much more joy, tears and gratitude . . .

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