February 18th Full Moon and the U.S. Chart

This month’s Full Moon doesn’t want to let me go. I need to say a bit more about the weird, strong, possibly deceptive and/or idealistic, healing and/or wounding symbolized by Mars/Neptune/Chiron/Sun conjunction opposing Moon in the very latest degrees of Aquarius and Leo.

This Full Moon will stretch across the horizon at sunrise tomorrow (the actual exact Full Moon occurs at about 3:35 AM EST) and resonate quite specifically with two planets in the U.S. chart: the Moon, at 28° Aquarius, and Saturn at 14° Libra.

The natal Moon in the chart of a nation reflects the unconscious mood of the collective, the people, the public. Aquarius is the sign of the maverick, one who marches the the beat of his own drum. Aquarius is also freedom-loving, inventive, and volatile, can’t be predicted. So that’s kind of the native state of the American public, and most obviously reflected currently in the Tea Party movement.

Long-cycled Neptune (165 year cycle) has been in Aquarius since the late 1990s, connecting us together through the internet like neurons in a global brain. Moving into the final degrees of that sign, it began crosscrossing the U.S. Moon in 2009, and will continue to do so until the end of this 2011. Given Neptune’s connotations of weirdness, confusion, deception, dissolution, disillusion, illusion, idealism, utopianism, and so on, it makes it very hard to read the U.S. public during this whole time. Information and disinformation overwhelm. We know we have been deceived on a systemic level. Lots of conspiracies floating around. What is real, what isn’t?

Chiron (51 year cycle, but elliptical, so many years in some signs, and very few in others), has been traveling through Aquarius since 1995 and will leave that sign for Pisces in a few short weeks. Chiron is also maverick, and carries with it connotations of wounding and healing. Chiron reached the U.S. Moon last August, at the end of the Gulf of Mexico tragedy. We are beginning to realize that there is a huge wound in the body politic, in the the nature of the republic itself, in the ways we have wounded the Earth and other peoples with our global policies. We know we need healing.

If Chiron and Neptune describe (weirdly, confusingly) the overall situation as it has been developing, the toxic wounding that we have both received and caused, then the short cycled planets serve as triggers to move an underlying situation into expression. Warrior Mars (two year cycle), angry, impulsive, courageous Mars, is only conjunct the Sun and Neptune (and the U.S. natal Moon), during these several days in which the Full Moon is in effect. And of course, the Moon itself, since it moves quite quickly, one degree every two hours, opposes all these planets for only a short while.

Think of the Full Moon as the illumination of the seeds that were sown at New Moon (February 3; the time when news began to surface about the U.S. asking Mubarek to step down); the meaning of the Full Moon will continue to reverberate for the next two weeks until the next New Moon, March 4.

Thus whenever a dynamic like this sets up that involves a number of planets, some of them long-cycled, and others short-cycled, it is both energetically and symbolically powerful. That this Full Moon dynamic activates the U.S.A. Moon will be a situation worth watching. What weird, powerful, confusing, possibly idealistic, maverick, etc. situation will develop and how will we, as a people, interpret it and act?

In the background also to this set-up, is the fact that the U.S. is undergoing a Saturn Return, something that happens every 30 years or so, and makes karma come due. Libra is the sign of justice. Of any two sides truly listening to each other, and recognizing each other as equals, moving into balance.

This Saturn Return began in late November 2010 and will continue through August of 2011. Let’s hope there is some movement towards establishing economic equality between citizens in the U.S. and between the U.S. and other nations by the time it ends.

And of course, remember, this entire situation is a mere blip in the ongoing background screen of Uranus in Aries (coming right up in early March) squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Much more on that as time goes on. No doubt it will impact our permaculture practice in huge ways. More and more initiative will be demanded and required (Uranus in Aries); more and more old, dead, calcified structures will fall (Pluto in Capricorn). The process is bound to be rough. How rough? In part it depends on each of us. Our equanimity in the face of shock. Can we create and hold a harmonious field that can dissipate all the little flares of fear that are bound to crop up? See the last two comments in the comment section below.

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