"Melchizedek" Channel on Internal Cleansing

Here is a channeling that appeared this morning on Steve Beckow’s site. Focusing in on what some permaculturists call Zone Zero Zero, it reverberates with my commentaries on permaculture principles #2 and #3.

And, in the middle of this channeling, an especially compelling description of the necessity of connecting Above with Below within ourselves during this critical time in history: ” You have all entered the final phase of the Great Cleansing that must take place Planet wide and so it is vitally important that you keep firmly grounded and anchored into the crystalline core of the Earth at this time. The grounding will help in keeping balance within you as you take in greater and greater amounts of Cosmic energy that is now coming in ever increasing waves.”

Melchizedek: The Greatest Cleansing of All is Now Taking Place

2011 FEBRUARY 15
by Sarah

Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff
February 15, 2011


Beloved Lightworkers,

And so it begins, the movement towards freedom and liberation for the peoples of the Earth. As more Awakening takes place, greater reforms will be demanded in every area of life upon Earth that has not been in alignment with peace and liberty for all. Each Awakening One will in turn seek to Awaken many others and so this wave of change will continue, relentlessly moving your Planet and everyone and everything upon Her into further alignment with Galactic Center.

You have now entered what is known as the photon belt. It is an ever luminous, ever moving, ever changing spiral of particles that are of greater vibratory frequency than that which you have been experiencing in the previous millennia of the Ages of the Yuga. Now we will begin to move at greater speed into the alignment and this will create greater changes within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

You will begin to experience greater periods of perceiving yourselves as Light. Many of you have had at least one experience of having your physical eyes closed but seeing this Light as though it was the sun shining in your blue sky on a summer day. This will become a more common experience for all.

The more the density that has held you immobile within your daily lives is cleared and cleansed, the greater this ability to perceive the Light that you are will begin to manifest. We now caution each of you to always discipline yourselves in your thoughts, words and deeds, for you are becoming once again the Creators of your realities in a more conscious manner and so great care and caution must be observed in these beginning stages, for the manifestation of all that you want, need and desire will start to take place in record speed.

We want you to know, Beloved Ones, that the greatest cleansing of all is now taking place and this will probably not be a happy experience for most. However, this process although unavoidable, is absolutely necessary in order to clear the last of the dross from your physicals bodies, minds, and emotions, for entry into the higher dimensions is not possible until you clear all that does not resonate from your systems. Take heart, Dear Ones, for we attend to each of you and help you to move through this period as quickly as your consciousness and physical vehicle allows in the greatest safety, grace, ease and protection.

You have all entered the final phase of the Great Cleansing that must take place Planet wide and so it is vitally important that you keep firmly grounded and anchored into the crystalline core of the Earth at this time. The grounding will help in keeping balance within you as you take in greater and greater amounts of Cosmic energy that is now coming in ever increasing waves. Realize that this is a most wondrous opportunity for you to transform into the glorious Beings of Light that you have always been and if you can hold that vision each day, success is assured.

When you feel overwhelmed by all the energy and information that is coming to you, take time out and rest, sleep often if you must, for this allows the transformation to take place in a benevolent manner. Most of you will be experiencing more and more periods of sleepiness and this is why. Allow this when possible; if it is not, then breathe deeply and deliberately into the root chakra and hold for a few counts before releasing all that is not resonating with your new state of being vigorously in an outbreath and do this for a count of at least three times. This practice will bring in the new pranic energies and help to vitalize you.

Continue to shine your Light, Beloved Ones, for it is beyond glorious to behold!

I AM Melchizedek

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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  1. One of the concerns that I have had about this process is that many are going to react to this process in a severe and possibly even dangerous way. I’m somewhat confident in my own abilities to let of of things as I have been preparing myself for years. But what about the people that don’t even believe this shift is possible? Is this going to be dangerous for all of us? Are some going to lose their minds and go crazy? I hope that if I encounter such a situation, I will be able to shine a light and love and comfort that person into putting that gun down or stopping their violent rage reaction to the energies they are feeling. Yes, a cleansing… But often there is the herxheimer reaction where the system is flooded with toxins, or in this case toxic energies. Yes, they are being flushed from the body into the bloodstream in the physical sense, so in the spiritual sense of this process, would this trigger a flush of negative energy into the system that must be released? Will this trigger violent reactions in some people? I’m guessing so. What also scares me a bit is how many people in my area have guns. What if they are going through this process and lose it and wield their weapons in anger and confusion?

    All I know to do is listen to spirit. I’m sure if I am tuned in and listening, I will be protected. But these are things I have been thinking about as repercussions of this process.

  2. Yes, clearly devolution into violence is a possibility, and just as in Egypt, breaks out at times. The key is to limit its effects, put out small brush fires before they begin to rage out of control. Let us learn from the Egyptian protesters, who showed the whole world that the non-violent way works, and so quickly, when we are together in our hearts.

    Meanwhile, in the U.S., we need to continue building connectivity in our neighborhoods, and in our local communities, so that we will share security concerns and create an atmosphere of harmony and abundance that can withstand the tendencies towards chaos.

    And in our inner beings, work for harmony there, so that we may serve as refuges for those who are just beginning to let go of their own toxins, and find themselves in fear.

    Overall, wherever we focus our attention, tends to manifest. So I work for regeneration while being aware of degeneration. Both spirals — the destructive, the creative, spinning in opposite directions — are in the air. One is old, the other is new. Which shall we focus on?

    • I wholeheartedly agree! I think it’s important to be aware of the risks that this process might bring, but to not focus on them as our focused intention will manifest what we sink our energy into. So awareness without attachment or fear. And remembering that ultimately, being love to all that we encounter will always yield the best results.

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