The Astrology of Mubarek's Fall from Power

Mubarek toppled

Though this is not an astrology site per se, I will use this language whenever I’m particularly blown away by its relevance. For example here: We’ve just witnessed the kind of eerie synchronicity that regularly links solar system dynamics with collective earthly events:

February 11, 2011. Just after nightfall in Cairo, and as if timed by divine choreography: at the moment when the transiting Ascendant, moving one degree every four minutes, conjuncted Hosni Mubarek’s glamorous Neptune at 28° in royal Leo, opposed transit Neptune’s transit over 28° Aquarius, and squared the 26° transit Moon in stubborn Taurus at the Midheaven of the chart, the air cleared from the dust of the Neptunian dissolution of Hosni Mubarek’s 30-year (one Saturn cycle) reign of terror.

This Aquarian people’s revolution that held the entire globe spell-bound (Neptune), began on January 25, only two days into expansive Jupiter’s entrance into impulsive, courageous Aries, sign of new beginnings, where it will remain for five months.

During the 18 days that thousands upon thousands of courageous ordinary Egyptians gathered and marched and sang and chanted and prayed together and took care of each other all across Egypt, warrior Mars (ruler of Aries) traveled in tandem with the Sun in Aquarius, sign of humanity, signifying the equality of each human being with all others.

Born during the generation that had Neptune in royal Leo, for Mubarek, 82 years later, that sense of entitlement dissolved when Neptune finally reached the same degree, 28°, exactly opposite from where it began. Neptune in Aquarius contradicted Neptune in Leo, and tipped the balance to justice.

Aquarius opposes and complements Leo: as each of us realizes our own inner royal worth, so we recognize the same in all the others. As each of us comes fully and expressively alive (Leo), so we acknowledge and honor that life flowing through each of us individually (Leo) and all of us collectively (Aquarius).

Reading the words of both Mubarek’s speeches during these tumultuous days, my heart went out to him. For I knew intuitively that he had to be a Taurus. Only Taurus could so stubbornly and blindly hold on to whatever he thought he had, that to which he was attached. And yes, I discovered this morning, Mubarek was, is, a Taurus, born May 4, 1928. And he may never understand why this comeuppance had to be, despite his natal Moon in brutal, secretive Scorpio.

Meanwhile, punctuating this climactic time, transit Venus (what is valued), during these past several days has been conjuncting transit Pluto in Capricorn, precisely in tandem with the news of his corrupt family’s billions. And of course, the deeper news all along here, is this constant low background drone of Pluto grinding through Capricorn, its ongoing pulverization of dead and death-dealing civilizational structures (from 2008 through 2023).

And though we may think today’s events climactic, they are mere prelude to what awaits us. Revolutionary Uranus will enter impulsive, courageous, Aries, sign of new beginnings, on March 13, and remain there for seven years. As it does it presses relentlessly and eagerly towards its first exact “square” (90° from) Pluto in Capricorn following the Uranus/Pluto conjunction that took place in the late ’60s.

The combination of revolutionary Uranus and destructive Pluto will intensify the already seemingly perfect storm and not let up any time soon.

There’s much else to say about astrology during these times, the “near above” in our effort to explore the connection between above and below. For example, Neptune. It’s about to leave Aquarius, where it has woven us together worldwide through the internet and cell phones, and enter dreamy, visionary Pisces. By the end (in 2026) of Neptune’s journey through that sign — the one it rules, the one where it feels most at home — we probably won’t even need the internet, so complete will be the transparency of our communication, our connection — our communion.

More on Neptune in Pisces, and the infinity of permaculture’s zone zero zero, to come . . .

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