Seeking Fellow Travelers

• Do your mind and spirit reach high into the (mysterious, metaphysical, interdimensional and extraterrestrial) sky;

and meanwhile, at the same time, your feet still revel barefoot or in muddy boots on the (practical, hard-working, paying attention to and intensifying nature’s abundance) ground?

• Do you sense a growing vertical split within you between above and below? And does this gap, stretching now like a rubber band that must eventually snap, seem to pull your mind and spirit upwards while your body full-heartedly and yet, more and more impatiently — even desperately — still sculpts within Earth’s ample bosom?

• Have you found yourself traveling in two communities (the above and the below), neither of which recognizes the validity or importance of the other? And do you keep these worlds separate within yourself, too?

If you answer yes, to all these questions, you’re not alone.

We are everywhere. Let’s find each other and help explore the understandings needed to design and construct a bridge that links the above and the below within us. And let us do so as a community, in a shared concentration of effort. Please contact me, if you wish to join our merry band — as writer, designer, web geek, artist, thinker, explorer, researcher, whatever! Come, come.

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