13 Venus cycles with 8 Earth cycles carve this beautiful mandala

On the very afternoon of our delicious immersion in Venus’s exact conjunction with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, all at 0+° Scorpio and sextile Mars in late Sagittarius exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (see this and this) — whew! all this in one configuration? Depth, passion, perspective? Yes! On this stunning day when Mars is harmoniously juiced by the primal current sourcing through the GC down through our Sun in a straight line with both our Venus and our Moon in Scorpio — I receive the following, from my cousin Ben in Minnesota, via fb message. I don’t know if Ben knows about today’s powerful cosmic energies. One way or another, both a delightful synchronicity, and an illustration of how Venus dances with Earth every eight years to carve out a five-petaled flower, or star. Five: the number of Man, who, through incarnating into a body, learns, via Venusian attraction, to refine his or her choices through the use of free will. Thanks, Ben!

1045146_630143970339951_1199520085_nScreenshot 2014-10-23 17.48.52


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